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Cork purses are elegant Cork bags are fashionable Cork bags are practical Cork bags are well constructed Cork the New Leather

Cork is a natural, organic, sustainable product that is soft to the touch, feather light yet durable, waterproof and even fire resistant. This material is best known to have been used as bottle-stops, insulation material as well as flooring.

Fashion designers have  discovered this fabulous Eco-friendly material and are using it in shoes, handbags and other stylish and functional accessories.

Cork harvesting is one of the best examples of a sustainable agro-forestry system where people use the natural resources, without disturbing or destroying nature. In fact this industry helps in many ways to provide shelter to many endangered species. (learn more)

Cork is the new Leather and  is an alternative for Eco-friendly fashion and decorating.
Take a look at our fabulous handbags and accessories.  You’ll be amazed at the beauty of the different styles and textures.
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6 Responses to Cork The New Leather

  1. Venilde says:


    I was in portugual last summer and bougt myseld a cork handbag, which I absolutely love! I’ve had so many compliments on the bag, its truly a fabulous idea. I regret not buying more items, I did buy a necklace and bracelet — I wish i had bought belts and just more items.

    i was wondering why you guys do not have a facebook page ???/

    thank you,
    Venilde Moniz (Montreal, Canada)

  2. Jodilea Kids says:

    The cork looks really surprisingly. If someone would say hey I bought you a bag that is like cork id be like yuck. However it actually looks really nice.

    • corkdesign says:

      They are handling nicely as well. We love these bags. They are from a renewable source and are a non-animal product.

  3. Judy says:

    Could you please tell me if I have to spray my new cork clutch bag with a protective spray? Thank you

    • corkdesign says:

      It is not necessary to spray your cork clutch. It is naturally water repellent.
      Thank you again for your purchase. Hope this helped.

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